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Are Fathers Rights Alive and Well in Washington County PA ? Yes and NO
User: elizabeth
Date: 11/21/2008 11:17 am
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I recently tried a case in Washington County PA where the parents shared almost 50 50 custody of a 2 year old little girl.  Mother filed a motion to relocate to Virginia and Father filed for Primary Custody.  While the case was pending Mother, during an exchange refused to get out of Fathers car and she attempt to kidnap the child and drag her from her car seat in attempt to thwart Fathers time.  He physically removed her from the car and drove himself and his daughter directly to the police station.  They arrested mother for disorderly conduct for causing the scene in the parking lot in front of the child.

Low and behold Mother filed a PFA and namned the child and Father could not see his chld for almost two months.  Thankfully after a lengthy hearing the Judge denied  the PFA and reinstated the SHARED custody order.  Guess what, Mother refuses to turn over the cjhild and follow the Order stating "she's taken off guard by the Courts Order"  She really thought her lie would continue.

How can I get the child back - who knows.  Mother refuses to follow the orders and Father dispite his great victory still cant see his daughter.  The Judge yells and screams but does nothing and Counsel for Mother threatens Counsel for Father with everything from everything to ignoring phone calls, demanding legal fees reporting Fathers Counsel to the Bar and having Fathers Counsel Disbarred.  All this so a COURT ORDER can be followed.

The Court in her Order specifically stated that Mother failed to meet her burden by a preponderance of the evidence that Father abused the minor child and Ordered the custody be immediately reinstated.  Mothers Counsel refuses to comply and refuses  to instruct Mother to follow the courts order.

Are Fathers Rights Alive and Well in Pennsylvania? - I guess it depends on who the Mothers Lawyer is

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